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What we deliver

  • One shot- Quick System one week baseline PACS systems Performance analysis using DICOMetrix ® software

  • One shot- Quick System baseline PACS systems Server Performance analysis by our team of specialists.

  • Annual contract services for monthly PACS systems performance and server analysis.

  • DICOMetrix ® remains on your systems for us and you to use as you see fit.

  • Annual contract services for monthly PACS systems server analysis.

  • DICOMetrix service only option –
        • Daily system wide DICOM image traffic flow monitoring – Always on and resolution of 1 sample per second
        • System or Node Slowdown detection with alerting technology
        • Monitoring of any Image Storage system storage or retrieval.
        • Business associate network link Performance Analysis, monitoring and slowdown alerting
      • Expert Level hands-off PACS systems analysis. We are totally passive, we make zero changes to your system.

  • FUJI PACS Systems Expert level performance analysis and problem solution recommendation. Our team has 20 years combined FUJI system support experience.

  • 3D / 4D Advanced Imaging systems analysis and performance monitoring. Specialists in TeraRecon and Voxar systems.

  • We enable you and we teach you how to excel in performing your own systems performance analysis using DICOMetrix ® Technology.

  • Gated and always flexible performance analysis. We only remote in and analyze your system only when you are ready for us to.

  • Service Excellence - Responsive Direct Expert analyst access. We work virtual. You will have no need to go through an office answering system and get traditional delays.