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"We knew things were slow but we had no method or tool to measure and visualize our PACS systems speed until now.” “We are using DICOMetrix server software on our PACS Test server to identify our baseline speeds and will roll out the server software to all our DICOM servers enterprise wide. We are looking forward to capturing the increased system speeds that DICOMetrix has shown us we could recover with a couple of Registry changes” “We look forward to base lining the speeds of the incoming modalities so we know what a ‘normal’ speed is when the network and our PACs system is healthy.”
Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs Manager Imaging Information Systems, Exempla HealthCare


“I estimate a savings of 75%+. On average it used to take me up to 1 hour with ethereal, Fuji logs, eFilm, Microsoft® Access™, a stopwatch, and a calculator to determine network transfer times in kbps. Now, with DICOMetrix, the process is literally a matter of minutes and certainly more proactive.” “With the use of DICOMetrix and a few basic networking tools (ping, pathping, tracert) the manual calculations are removed, the emotion is replaced with quantified data that is repeatable, and results are achieved. My process was highly manual and subject to error. Now I use DICOMetrix to actively monitor the PACS network from any location.”

Brian T. Phillips Brian T. Phillips RT (R) (CT) PACS Administrator, Swedish Medical Center

"DICOMetrix has been, and will continue to be (from my perspective) an invaluable tool to track and document data throughput and possible performance degradation (or not) as we move through our data migration. We use it on our Centricity CA Workstations and the GE Centricity Enterprise Archive & Image Vault Servers everyday. It has also proved itself invaluable in helping us troubleshoot some ongoing performance issues we have had.. It has given us the ability to see what is going on ‘live’ in real time and vastly shorten our troubleshooting time restoring performance to our system and as a result it clearly is having a positive impact on our patient care as the system is now faster and more stable. At first, we were concerned with compatibility issues but our GE software has no problem with DICOMetrix running on the server and workstations. I am learning so much more about my PACS everyday now I can see it!. DICOMetrix has also allowed me to easily identify incorrect routing rules on several of our workstations. I noticed unexpected activity and investigated at the workstations and was able to correct the routing rules and shadowing settings between the EAs, thereby reducing much un-needed network traffic on that subnet and across the Enterprise. Great Software!"

Gregg HelserGregg Helser RN ,Cardiology Systems Administrator, ELMC Heart Center


“ Spectrum PACS Services is our trusted silent team member, they always keeps a close eye on our servers and make sure we have the best in system performance. While we do stay vigilant as to how it all performs, we worry a lot less with them involved. They don’t touch any configurations and they point out things to us we can miss. SPS uses and helps us maintain the complete DICOMetrix software package and we have used it since it’s invention and we have found it to be invaluably useful to diagnose issues with PACS servers, modalities and workstations. “

Steven WatkinsSteven Watkins, SR Application Analysts PACS, STSC Service Center SCL Health Systems

"DICOMetrix has been a great tool for us to use in a several different situations. The most beneficial function that I have recognized using DICOMetrix is the ability to quantify the end users’ statements around slowness. Having DICOMetrix installed on our servers and workstations allows us the ability to measure, in real-time, the speed in which images are sent and received. This kind of functionality provides us with the data necessary to properly identify if image movement is slow. Tracking the historical data gives us a great benchmark to measure against and quickly identify if there are system issues."

Tone Capritta Tone Capritta Manager, Clinical Ancillary Applications, STSC Service Center SCL Health Systems