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Who is SPS and what can we can do for you?

  • SPS brings you a trusted amalgam of former PACS Vendor support engineers and hospital entrenched former Hospital IT Systems Engineers & Workstation Admins that have years of battle hardened expert level experience to provide you regular interpretations, and can suggest proper course corrections for your PACS systems that provide you additional peace of mind, navigate you away from those expensive and unseen hazards in the future  while offering relief on your current support staff.

  • SPS brings customers the very best in experienced human PACS IT Systems Engineering Administration oversight of their systems performance but also brings for everyone’s use in the customer’s organization the very best tools in software monitoring, analyzing and performance event alerting technology using specific and patented DICOM Image tuned software using DICOMetrix ®  Technologies. 

  • Slowdowns and losses of the PACS system cost you money and compromise your companies or facilities reputation.  While a system downtimes financial loss impact can easily calculated - a degradation is your PACS performance is much more difficult to calculate your loss in revenue. SPS helps you close the gap between knowing what your operational costs are supporting your mission critical PACS or Advanced Imaging systems and those intermittent an unpredictable slowdowns or system downtimes.

  • Stable and well performing PACS systems are all about affording the attentive skilled staff equipped with the right tools.  It is also all about knowledge continuity. Support staffs can come and go and could be juggling other work related to the application itself,  but to keep your systems at optimal performance you will need a continuous stream of experienced and trusted technical support totally focused on you and equipped with the right tools to draw from and work with you when the system starts to slow down or mis-behaves intermittently or completely fails with no explanation